Er, two weeks in the arts - Amanda Manitach, City Arts (Seattle) - 05/14/13
"Inside the main gallery space, Laura Hughes’ Turrell-like piece cast shimmery rainbows around the rim of the rectangular skylight..."

Studio Visit: Laura Hughes - Killeen Hansen, Untitled Magazine - 01/09/12
"These days, Hughes is exploring the economy of gesture. How material and effect relate to each other. Learning to recognize that this, just this, this is enough."

The Infectious Corruption of Color - Jeff Jahn, - 02/28/12
"On Saturday it is time to toast the artists in The Infectious Corruption of Color; Calvin Ross Carl, Laura Hughes, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Amanda Wojick, Mike Womack. It is likely another worthy group show from the Archer Gallery..."

The Activation of Corners, The 10th Northwest Biennial Asks You to Take Off Your Pants - Jen Graves, The Seattle Stranger - 01/24/12
"...A barely visible mural on the wall leading into the main gallery by Laura Hughes is in super-pale iridescent paint, opposite a bank of windows, so that it looks like a shadow cast by the windows on the wall."  

2010 Curatorial Roundup - Jeff Jahn, - 01/31/11
"2010 was a year of ok group shows with some great solo shows like Judd, Ai Weiwei, Mark Grotjahn, Terry Winters, Michael Knutsen, Jesse Hayward, Storm Tharp, Bruce Conkle, Laura Hughes, Michael Brophy, Eva Speer, Andre Kretez etc. making it all worthwhile."

PORT 2010 Readers' Poll - Jeff Jahn, - 01/05/11
"Breakout artist of the Year: Laura Hughes narrowly edged out Matt Green and in third place Eva Lake [...] Watch all three in 2011."

Laura Hughes' Relative Ground at PSU, The Score, October 2010 - Jeff Jahn, - 10/29/10
"After an attention-getting rapid series of shows, she seems to be building up to a large scale public art commission... but I'd like to see her concentrate on a major statement show a year from now or so too."

Review: The Span of An Instant - Victor Maldonado, - 09/15/10 "It’s as if Hughes had positioned the social and relational practices within her three-wall mural... making performers of us while shaping the visible and performative nature of contemporary painting."

Review: The Span of An Instant - Alex Rausch, - 09/07/10
"Laura Hughes' piece fits into the lexicon of Appendix and her experience-based works are part of the strongest movement Portland art has to offer in its phenomenological splendor."

Review: Laura Hughes The Span of an Instant - Lisa Radon, - 08/29/10 "I have thought and felt many things in the course of experiencing a work of art, but Thursday night was a first. My experience, a momentary epiphany, really, was so startling that when I left I fell down a rabbit hole considering the relationship between perception and existence [...] That sense of heightened awareness in the viewer felt very much to me like something Robert Irwin would hold to be one of the most pure aims of artmaking."

Interview with Matt Stangel, Portland Mercury Blogtown - 08/26/10
"When I spoke with Jenene Nagy about her upcoming curatorial residence at Disjecta, I asked who she'd match up for a collaboration if she could chose any two local artists. Nagy replied, 'Laura Hughes and Tahni Holt.'"

Review: Passed Presence - Jeff Jahn, - 07/24/10
"Laura Hughes (a recent PNCA grad) has the potential to be one of the most exciting new artists on the Portland scene."


Lathe of Heaven Press Release - Disjecta - 12.14.12

Light Box Press Release - White Box - 11.04.12

Portland Art Museum Announces Finalists for 2013 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards - Portland Art Museum - 7.12.12

Individual Artist Fellowships Announced Including Honorary Joan Shipley Award - Oregon Arts Commission - 02/02/12

2011-12 RACC Grant Recipients - Regional Arts & Culture Council - 01/18/12

The 10th Northwest Biennial Participating Artists - Tacoma Art Museum - 12/18/11

Oregon Arts Commission Awards Opportunity Grants to Oregon Artists: Includes Funding from Partnership with The Ford Family Foundation - 10/07/11

Press Release: Passed Presence - Regional Arts & Culture Council - 07/05/10
"Using the architectural details of the Portland Building lobby, Hughes’ current project leads the viewer into a rediscovery of form through the skillful reordering of how light and space shape one another."